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Academic Programs & Courses

UL Lafayette was amongst the early universities to start offering computer science degrees. It offered its
first computer science course in 1959, initiated the nation’s first MS in Computer Science in 1962, and
created its Computer Science department in 1968. Today UL Lafayette offers the following computing
related degrees:

The BS Informatics programs offers the following concentrations:

  • Business Informatics
  • Health Informatics
  • System Administration
  • Individualized Concentration

The following table lists only the Cyber Defense courses or relevant courses available that count towards the Bachelor’s in Informatics degree.

INFX 320 Information Assurance and Security 
INFX 321  Network Security 
INFX 498-G  Advanced Topic in Informatics
INFX 499 Special Topic - Ethic Hacking
ACCT  328 Fraud Examination
BLAW 425 Intellectual Property and Internet Law 
CJUS 303  Forensics I 
CJUS 305  Criminal Behavior 
CJUS 403 Forensics II 
HIM  322 Legal Aspects for the Healthcare Field 
INSR 310 Principles of Risk and Insurance 
PHIL  316 Professional Ethics 

The following are graduate level Computer Science and Computer Engineering courses in Cyber Defense.

CSCE 500 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CSCE 512 Network Security
CSCE 516 Crypotography and Data Security
CSCE 533 Distributed Computer Systems
CSCE 553 Principles of Software Methodology
CSCE 557 Software Testing and Verification
CSCE 565 Advanced Database Systems 
CSCE 575 Wireless Computing & Network Systems
CSCE 576 Mobile Computing and Applications
CSCE 581 Logic Design and Switching Theory
CSCE 582 Computer Arithmetic
CSCE 583 Computer Design & Implementation
CSCE 584 Fault Diagnosis of Digital Systems